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About San Marino: 

  The Republic of San Marino is located in southern Europe and is completely surrounded by Italy. The area of San Marino is 61 km2, and it is the third smallest country in Europe. The country is characterized by its moderate climate with sunny summers and mild winters, and San Marino is known for its rugged mountainous terrain. The total population is about 34,010 people, and its capital San Marino, is the most crowded among its cities, and due to its common borders with Italy, its population is dominated by Italian culture and language. The country's official currency is the euro, and the country has an open economy, with a gross domestic product of about $2 billion, and mostly made up of two main sectors, which are services and industry. This is in addition to the main role played by the tourism sector, banking and export products. San Marino is mostly known for its beautiful mountains and attractions, with nearly 2 million tourists visiting each year.  

San Marino Passport Ranking:

  San Marino's passport is currently ranked 19th according to the Reach Immigration Passport Index, providing access to 172 destinations around the world, and is considered one of the most desirable passports as it gives its holder the highest degree of mobility between various destinations.