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About Passport Index

Reach Immigration provides a passport index tool that enables you to view the ranking of international passports and compare them to each other, This index covers the passports of 227 destinations around the world, Through the Reach Immigration website, you can explore and sort these passports by geographical region and country, The site lets you know how powerful your passport is and compare it to others. The strength of a passport is determined by the degree of freedom of movement it provides to the largest number of destinations compared to other existing passports.

Passport Index Methodology

The Reach Immigration Passport Index is based on documented data and information that is constantly improved and updated. The index includes 227 different destinations distributed around the world, and this index is classified among passports on the basis of the points it scores, as these points represent the number of destinations allowed to visit by passport holders without a visa, and the passport with the highest number of points is considered the strongest among other passports.
When you enter the passport index of the Reach Immigration website, you can choose the desired destination within a geographical map that appears in front of you; Where you can choose from the continent of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, or the European Union, and you will later see all the information related to the destination passport, where you will be given the order of this passport that shows the number of destinations allowed to be visited without a visa, and those that need a visa on arrival . The site also allows you to compare the strength of the passport to others, where you can find out the differences between them in the number of destinations that allow visits and whether you will need a visa or not.

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