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About Ireland: 

  The Republic of Ireland consists of four Provinces that are part of the European Union, with an area of ​​84,421 km2 making it one of the smallest countries in Europe. Its climate is generally temperate marine with cool winters and summers, and its terrain is mostly flat with low mountains and sea cliffs on the west coast. With a total population of over 5 million its capital Dublin, is the most populous of its cities. The culture of Ireland is dominated by ancient traditions influenced by Celtic history and culture and is characterized by a multinational and multicultural mix in most parts of the country, and English and Irish are used among them as the official language. The country's official currency is the euro, and the country has an open economy, with a gross domestic product of about $498.6 billion, and both the service and industry sector play an important role in the country's domestic product. The tourism sector in Ireland plays an important role in the development of the country, as it contributes to supporting the level of social life, and is considered one of the most important sectors contributing to the national economy, Ireland has 2 UNESCO sites and the country is visited by a total of more than 11 million tourists who visit it every year.  

Ireland Passport Ranking:

  Ireland's passport is currently ranked 3rd according to the Reach Immigration Passport Index, providing access to 192 destinations around the world, and is considered one of the most desirable passports as it gives its holder the highest degree of mobility between various destinations.