A visit by Reach Immigration, represented by the Director of Business Development Department, to the Caribbean countries

 Represented by the Business Development Manager of Reach Immigration, a visit was arranged to the Citizenship by Investment Unit for a number of Caribbean countries (Dominica, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis) during which a number of relevant officials were met to discuss several issues related to citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean countries and the most important updates that will occur in addition to meeting a number of real estate developers to follow up on the the most important real estate investment opportunities in the Caribbean through which citizenship and passport can be obtained. Reach Immigration is a company authorized and approved by the governments of Caribbean countries to provide its services to those interested in obtaining citizenship and a second passport by investment.

It should be noted that the Dominica citizenship program is undergoing modifications and changes that will take effect in the coming days. These changes include the dependent individuals of the main applicant who can be added to the application and the government fees required during the application in the real estate investment and financial contribution options. You can visit the Reach Immigration website to learn all about programs for obtaining residency or citizenship and a second passport by investment, and you can also communicate with the company’s specialized team to provide all the answers to your inquiries and questions.

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