Antigua and barbuda

Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship And Passport By Investment

Passport Rank


Investment Amount​

100,000 USD

Processing Time

6-12 months

About Antigua & Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation in the Caribbean region, comprising two main islands, namely Antigua and Barbuda. It is often referred to as the “Land of 365 Beaches” due to its famous coral reef-lined beaches and stunning natural beauty. Tourism is the primary source of income for the country, with thousands of tourists visiting annually to enjoy its white sandy beaches, clear waters, and diverse activities. The islands boast a range of luxury resorts and hotels that offer visitors a unique experience.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
  • Governance System: Parliamentary Democratic Monarchy
  • Total Area: 442 km²
  • Capital: Saint John

About the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship and Passport By Investment Program


The citizenship by investment program in Antigua & Barbuda is a direct route for investors to gain second citizenship through investment for themselves as well as their qualifying family members. The program is direct, quick, and transparent. Investors can choose to either invest in contributing to government development funds or purchasing real estate in some of the most breathtaking resorts in the touristic country of Antigua & Barbuda.

Reach Immigration is authorized by the government of Antigua & Barbuda to promote the program and provide consultation on the best investment option as well as the requirements of the program.

Benefits Of Obtaining Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship and Passport By Investment

The Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program offers many benefits, with the most prominent of them being:

  • Citizenship for the main applicant and qualifying family members.
  • No physical presence required to get citizenship.
  • Receipt of citizenship within 6-12 months of application.
  • No requirement of language, education, or experience needed for applicants or their family members.
  • The program offers options for investors to diversify their assets in the form of real estate investments in one of the world’s most tourist countries.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship and Passport By Investment Qualifications & Requirements


The requirements of the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program are quite simple, and they include the following:

Main Applicant Requirements

  • Be of at least 18 years of age
  • Have no criminal record.
  • The investment must be made in one of the available investment options.
  • Not be refused a visa from any country which has a visa-free entry treaty with Antigua and Barbuda.

Requirements of family members

  • A current spouse of the principal applicant.
  • A  child of the principal applicant, or of his or her spouse, who is under 31 years of age and who is financially dependent on the principal applicant.
  • A child of the principal applicant, or of his or her spouse, who is 18 years or older but who is physically or mentally handicapped and who is living with and is fully supported by the principal applicant.
  • A parent or grandparent of the principal applicant, or of his or her spouse, who is 55 years of age or older and who is financially dependent on the principal applicant.
  • A sibling of the principal applicant, or of his or her spouse, if unmarried, (divorced or widowed can be included); (there is no proof of dependency nor age limit).
  • All applicants and dependents aged 16 and above must undergo a mandatory virtual interview, either in their native language or with an interpreter.

Options Of Obtaining Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship and Passport By Investment Program


There are several investment options available to acquire the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, which are the following: 

  • National Development Funds

 This is a contribution investment for the amount of 100,000 USD covering a family up to 4 members or 125,000 USD covering a family of 5 and more.

  • Real estate Investment

In a government-approved real estate project, the investor invests in real estate with an amount not less than 400,000 USD, or two investors can participate in one property, and each investor must invest an amount of at least 200,000 USD.

  • University of West Indies Fund

This is a contribution investment created for big families, of which the investor finances the university to build their campus in Antigua and Barbuda. At an amount of 150,000 USD, a family of at least 6 members can acquire the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda.

Other fees apply that include government processing fees and background checks on applicants.

Process And Steps To Obtain Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship and Passport By Investment Program


  • Step one: Preparation of documentation and compiling the file.
  • Step two: Submission of the file to the government of Antigua & Barbuda.
  • Step three: Due Diligence Process & Results.
  • Step Four: Receipt of approval from the government of Antigua & Barbuda.
  • Step Five: Transferring investment amount (either contribution or real estate investment).
  • Step Six: Receipt of citizenship certificates and passport.

Our Services


Reach Immigration’s status as a licensed authorized representative of the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program; we are in pole position to offer a large variety of services to our clients, the main of them being:

  • Provide consultation on the best investment option that brings the best value for each client depending on their needs
  • Compiling and submission of the file as the client’s chosen representative
  • Revising the sale and purchase agreements if choosing real estate investment.
  • Follow up on application status and any further requirements
  • Provide consultation for adding family members after the main applicant’s receipt of citizenship
  • Provide consultation of laws and regulations of the program


  • Can I add my dependent children after applying for citizenship?

    Yes, whether existing dependents or newborn children, they all can be added through a new application with certain fees.

  • What are the additional benefits I can get if investing in the University Fund?

    This option entitles a family member to a one-year scholarship to the University of the West Indies.

  • Where is Antigua and Barbuda located?

    Antigua and Barbuda is located in the Caribbean region, 80 km east of Saint Kitts and Nevis, and 80 km north of the French island of Guadeloupe. The country consists of two main islands, the largest, Antigua, and to the south of it is the smaller island of Barbuda, in addition to a number of smaller islands. The total area of the country is 442 square kilometers, and its topography is characterized by a diversity of mountains, water areas, and beaches that extend along the two islands, with the highest peak at Mount Boji, which reaches 402 meters above sea level. Antigua and Barbuda's climate is classified as tropical, hot and humid all year round, with an average precipitation of 990 ml.

  • Are there any tax obligations after I acquire Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

    One of the advantages of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is that there are no property taxes, capital gains, or even inheritances when you become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

  • Is there an investment option that is better than another that gives me an advantage in getting my application approved?

    The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program offers several options: - Real estate investment with a value starting from $200,000 USD. - A non-refundable financial contribution to the National Development Fund, starting at $100,000 USD or more. - A financial contribution to the University of the West Indies of $150,000 USD. All options are approved for granting citizenship, the important thing is to meet the investment requirements and qualifications that entitle you to obtain citizenship.

  • Can I add dependents after obtaining Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

    Yes, you can add dependents who were present at the time of your application, as well as new dependents after obtaining citizenship.

  • In case of divorce or separation of parents, is the consent of one of the parents required when adding children to an Antigua and Barbuda citizenship application?

    Yes, the consent of the parents must be obtained for the children to enter the application, unless one of the parents has full custody of the children, and therefore a consent letter and court decision regarding child custody are required.

  • Can a person without any nationality (e.g. Bidoon) apply for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

    Yes, but it must be ensured that the applicant can obtain documents from the relevant authorities.

  • Are there countries whose nationals are prohibited from applying for the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, and what are the conditions for them to be accepted?

    Yes, you are prohibited from applying for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda if you hold the nationalities of Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, or if you hold a visa denied by any of the countries in which Antigua and Barbuda has a Treaty of No Entry visa. However, your application can be accepted if the following conditions are met: You must have lived or resided outside the prohibited country for 10 years. You do not have assets (shares) of significant value in the prohibited country. You have not carried out any work or activity in the mentioned jurisdictions.

  • How long does it take to obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

    The process usually takes between 6-12 months from the date of application.

  • Am I entitled to keep my original nationality if I acquire Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

    Yes, Antigua and Barbuda allows you to have more than one nationality, and we recommend checking the laws of your country of origin.

  • Do I need to conduct a security check for my children when submitting the application?

    Security checks are required for applicants aged 16 and over.