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St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program

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Investment Amount​

240,000 USD

Processing Time

More than 12 months

About Saint Lucia 


Saint Lucia is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, known for its sandy beaches and stunning natural landscapes. It is one of the largest islands in the Eastern Caribbean, featuring mountains and fertile plains. Its official language is English, and it is a popular tourist destination where visitors can enjoy diving, exploring the wonderful marine life, visiting natural sites, and getting to know the local culture.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
  • Total Area: 617 km²
  • Capital: Castries

About the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program


The citizenship by investment program in Saint Lucia is a simple and direct program that offers a variety of privileges to those interested in investing in this enchanting island. The program allows investors to choose from several options, whether they want to make a direct contribution to government projects, invest in government bonds, or enterprise project in Saint Lucia.

Reach Immigration is licensed and accredited by the government of Saint Lucia to promote this program and provide consultations to prospective investors interested in applying for it.


Benefits of the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program


The citizenship by investment program in Saint Lucia offers several advantages, including the following:

  • Eligible applicants and their families can obtain citizenship.
  • No requirement for actual residence in Saint Lucia.
  • No language, education, or experience requirements for applicants.
  • Multiple investment options are available, allowing investors to diversify their assets in one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

Requirements of the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program


The requirements of the program are quite simple, which include :

Main Applicant Requirements

  • Main applicant and spouse must be 18 years and above.
  • Must be in good health.
  • Must possess a clean criminal record.
  • Must not have rejected visa entry to any of the countries of which St. Lucia enjoys a visa-free entry treaty with.
  • The main applicant is required to undergo an interview either virtually or in person.

Eligible Family Members that can be included in an application:

  • A spouse of the main applicant.
  • a child of the main applicant or of the spouse who is 21 years of age or below; (no need to prove dependency).
  • a child of the applicant or of the spouse who is no more than 31 years of age and who is fully supported by the applicant (requires proof of dependency).
  • Child of the applicant or his or her spouse, of any age, who is physically or mentally challenged and fully supported by the applicant.
  • A parent of the applicant or of his or her spouse who is above 55 years of age and who is fully supported by the applicant.
  • A parent of any age who is physically or mentally challenged and fully supported by the applicant.
  • an unmarried sibling of the main applicant who is below the age of 18 and who has consent from parents to make an application for citizenship.

Costs of Obtaining St. Lucia Citizenship


There are three investment streams under the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program: 

  • Economic Diversification Fund

Starting at 240,000 USD an applicant through a financial contribution can acquire citizenship of St. Lucia. This amount increases by adding more family members to the application. 

  • Enterprise Project 

Through infrastructure option within the stream, starting from 250,000 USD.

  • Investing In Government Bonds

The minimum required investment starts from 300,000 USD.

Other fees apply for background checks on applying applicants and other administrative fees.

Steps and procedures


  • Step one: Preparation of required documentation and compiling the file
  • Step two: Submission of the file to the government of St. Lucia
  • Step three: Receipt of approval from the government of St. Lucia
  • Step four: Transferring investment amount to St. Lucia (either contribution, government bonds, or enterprise project investment)
  • Step five: Receipt of St. Lucia citizenship certificates.

Our Services


Reach Immigration’s status as a promoter of the St. Lucia citizenship by investment program; we take pride in our ability to offer a plethora of services to our clients, the main of them being:

  • Consult on the most suitable investment option depending on investor’s needs and family composition
  • Preparation and submission of file, and representing the client within the government’s citizenship by investment unit
  • Follow up on application status and any further requirements
  • Provide consultation for adding family members after the main applicant’s receipt of citizenship


  • Do you need to reside in Saint Lucia to obtain citizenship through investment?

    No, there is no requirement for permanent residence in Saint Lucia to obtain citizenship under the laws and regulations of the investment program.

  • Can I add family members after obtaining citizenship?

    Yes, you can add family members who were included in the original application but were not added at the time due to not meeting the specified conditions. Additionally, you can also add dependent children born after you obtained citizenship.

  • Where is Saint Lucia located?

    Saint Lucia is located in the Caribbean, south of Dominica and north of Barbados, 385 km from Venezuela to the north, and the country covers an area of ​​only 617 km². The country is characterized by its tropical climate, with temperatures ranging between 21 and 35 degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall in Saint Lucia is about 254 milliliters annually. The terrain of Saint Lucia is known as mountainous with few plains, as its highest peak is at “Jimmy” mountain with 959 m above sea level. The island is characterized by a variety of geographical characteristics, where there are a large number of rivers, hot springs and mountain hills spread over the country.

  • Are there any tax obligations after obtaining Saint Lucia citizenship?

    One of the benefits of obtaining citizenship in Saint Lucia is that there are no taxes on personal property, capital gains, or even inheritance after becoming a Saint Lucian citizen.

  • What is the required investment amount to obtain Saint Lucia citizenship?

    The investment amounts vary depending on the chosen investment route and the number of family members to be included in the application. In general, the investment amount starts at 240,000 USD, in addition to government fees, processing fees, and other costs.

  • Who can be added to a Saint Lucia citizenship application?

    Family members who can be included in the application are the spouse of the primary applicant, all dependent children under the age of 31, as well as dependent siblings under the age of 18, parents, and grandparents over the age of 55.

  • Is there an investment option that can give me an advantage in the approval of my application?

    The Saint Lucia citizenship program offers multiple investment options, including enterprise project investment starting at 250,000 USD and non-refundable financial contributions starting at 240,000 USD. All of these options depend on meeting specific investment requirements and qualifications, and there is no one option that provides an advantage in the application approval process.

  • Can Saint Lucia citizenship be passed down to future generations?

    Yes, in Saint Lucia, citizenship can be passed down to future generations after you obtain citizenship.

  • Can I apply for Saint Lucia citizenship by myself?

    No, you must submit your application to approved and recognized bodies, such as: Reach Immigration, as applications for citizenship must be handled by designated specialists who have experience and are recognized by the country’s government.

  • In case of divorce or separation between parents, is the consent of one parent required when adding children to a Saint Lucia citizenship application?

    Yes, the consent of both parents is required to include children in the application unless one parent has full custody of the children, in which case consent from the other parent is not necessary.

  • Is it permissible for the main applicant to add all of their children if they are married to more than one wife?

    Yes, the main applicant can add all of their children from different wives as dependents in the application.

  • Can a married person who has obtained a divorce after obtaining the citizenship of Saint Lucia be granted citizenship if he decides to remarry?

    Yes it is possible. Once the applicant remarries he/she can grant Saint Lucia citizenship to his/her spouse.

  • Can people who do not have any nationality (e.g. Bidoon) apply for Saint Lucia citizenship?

    Yes, but it must be ensured that the applicant can obtain documents from the relevant authorities.

  • Are there countries whose nationals are prohibited from applying for St. Lucia citizenship, and what are the conditions for them to be accepted?

    Yes, it is prohibited to apply for Saint Lucia citizenship if you hold the nationalities of Iran and North Korea, or if you hold a visa denied by any of the countries in which Saint Lucia has a visa-free treaty. However, your application can be accepted if the following conditions are met: -You must have lived or resided outside the prohibited country for 10 years. -You do not have assets (shares) of significant value in the prohibited country. - You have not carried out any work or activity in the mentioned jurisdictions.

  • Is there a specific age limit for newborns to be added to the application?

    No, children born or adopted after obtaining citizenship can be registered at all times.

  • Do I have the right to keep my original nationality if I acquire Saint Lucia citizenship?

    Yes, Saint Lucia does allow you to have more than one nationality, and we recommend checking the laws of your country of origin.

  • Do I need to conduct a security check for my children when submitting the application?

    Yes, Security checks are required for applicants aged 16 and over.

  • Can I add married sibling to my Saint Lucia citizenship application?

    No, when including siblings in an application for Saint Lucia citizenship, it is required that they be under the age of 18 and according to certain conditions.

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