Getting Second Citizenship Through Investing in Government Bonds

Investment is a tricky subject, one which takes years to master. Those experienced enough know when to take a risk, and when to play it safe. Investments are a multi-pronged tool, used to make money, provide financial security, aid in diversification of assets, and in this case, a means to an end; obtaining a second citizenship.

There is a multitude of investment options when it comes to obtaining citizenship; donating to the government’s development fund, purchasing real estate, bank deposits in foreign currency, investing in share capital, and investing in government bonds.

There is no best option from the above. Every one of them has its advantages over the other, and it depends on the situation of the investors themselves. The end goal, however, remains the same, obtaining second citizenship for the family.

Why Invest in Government Bonds 

Government bonds are considered a stable investment. Working with the government usually provides investors with higher transparency and peace of mind. Government bonds have a plethora of advantages, the most important being:

– Safe Investment 

Investing in a highly regulated government mechanism provides higher security, minimizes the risk of fraud, and ultimately it is one of the safest places to hold your money

– Clear Exit Plan 

Liquidation of investments is a crucial factor when considering any investment venture. Government bonds can be liquidated directly, with no hassle from trying to find a buyer or using a broker.

– Can Provide Stable Income

Depending on the type of government bonds, the currency of the country, and the economical growth of the country; government bonds may yield superior financial results.

Which Countries Offer Citizenship Through Investing in Government Bonds? 

There are two main options for those looking to get second citizenship through investing in government bonds; Turkey and St. Lucia.

Turkey Citizenship 

Turkey offers investors the chance to get citizenship and a second passport for themselves and their family for investing USD 500,000 in government bonds. Turkey has many types and options of government bonds available, making it easy for investors to create a portfolio that not only grants them Turkish passports but also provides them with fiscal returns. An applicant must hold the investment for three years after they receive their citizenship.

St. Lucia Citizenship 

St. Lucia recently lowered its government bond investment requirement for its citizenship by investment program to USD 250,000. This makes it considerably less than Turkey’s option, but it does require an applicant to hold the amount for five years after obtaining the citizenship. The St. Lucia passport is considered one of the best in the world when it comes to global mobility, granting its holder visa-free access to the Schengen Area, UK, and many other destinations.

If you are looking for a safe and stable investment that provides you and your family with the chance to obtain second passports and second citizenship, we at Reach Immigration are happy to provide you with all the information you need, just contact us and an immigration consultant will get in touch with you to help you start your journey.