How to get a Canadian passport

Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly nations in the world. Immigrants from all around the world flock to Canada in the millions to begin a new, and better, life for them and their families.

Canada boasts one of the most sophisticated healthcare systems, along with an amazing educational structure, and an amazing living standard. Its taxation system is much more cost-effective than that of its neighboring USA, while safety and security in the northern American country are top-notch.

All of these factors make Canada one of the most desired destinations for any immigration hopeful, add to them the fact that the Canadian passport is the 9th best passport in the world and offers visa-free entry into more than 180 destinations around the globe, and Canada becomes one of the best options to consider for immigration.

Routes to getting Canadian citizenship

Canada awards citizenship through 3 main routes:

– Birth
– Naturalization

Since birth and marriage are more circumstance-related than an actual choice we will focus more on naturalization.

Naturalization is when a person has resided long enough in a country to be eligible to become a citizen, something most countries do with their long term residents.

Canada is no exception, as it awards immigrants who have lived 3 years on a permanent residency card the chance to apply for Canadian citizenship. Canada prides itself on being a country for immigrants built by immigrants. Most of the Canadian citizens are actually migrants themselves, hence Canada offers a simple and quick route to obtaining citizenship.

To apply for citizenship through naturalization, however, one must first immigrate to Canada and obtain a permanent residency. We will look into the most common and popular routes that most migrants choose to immigrate through.

How to immigrate to Canada 

There are two main routes for those looking to immigrate to Canada:

– Immigration through Skilled Migration 

Skilled migrants are those who have a strong education, possess at least 3 years of professional work experience, and have an excellent grasp of the English language.

Canada has built its economy on bringing in highly skilled workers from around the globe, with each province offering its route for skilled migrants, while the federal government of Canada offers a macro route for skilled migrants as well.

The Canadian government has also launched many special programs to lure more skilled migrants to its shores such as the Atlantic Pilot Program, the Northern and Rural Community Program, the Ontario Tech Pilot Program, and a plethora of others.

Skilled migrants who meet the requirements of the Canadian government and/or the provinces have a multitude of options open to them. They will also have the chance to work in one of the world’s most elite and flourishing economies.

– Immigrate through Business Migration

Those wishing to open their own business and be their own boss have outstanding options as well; as Canada offers them a route to immigration through establishing their own business on Canadian soil.

Every Canadian province (with the exception of Nunavut) offers business owners and senior managers the chance to immigrate to said province through establishing and running their own business that matches their past experience and future ambitions.

Every province has its own specific requirements that any potential immigration has to meet, which makes the whole matter of business immigration that much more flexible; as if you do not meet the requirements of one province, you can check if you meet the requirements of another one.

Although business migration comes with a required amount that you must invest in your business, the minimum threshold of investments is quite low compared to other countries, with the baseline normally being 150,000 CAD. A very reasonable amount for those wishing to open their business in one of the world’s most active markets.

Check which route suits you best 

If you are interested in immigrating to the great white north, you should first check which route and/or program suits you and your qualification best. We at Reach Immigration can help you do just that, all you have to do is contact us and one of our experienced immigration consultants can help you figure out the option available for you and your family to get a Canadian passport.

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