Visa Waiver for Cypriots to the USA

Passengers standing in an orderly queue at the airport, eagerly awaiting their turn to check-in or board their flights

Cypriot citizens need to obtain a visa to enter the United states of America, however, this is about to change as Cyprus is currently being assessed for the Visa Waiver Program for entry to the United states in the near future.

In the past month, both capitals have been putting efforts to accelerate the process in which three Cypriot ministers met with the Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs to strengthen relations as a working group.

The Visa Waiver program of the United states looks at the overall domestic political and economic stability of a country as part of the assessment and if Cyprus enters the program, Cypriots will no longer be required to obtain a visa to enter the United States and this would empower the Cypriot passport and expected to give it a new world rank.