UK Citizenship a valid path to European Nationals

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There are a lot of uncertainties hovering in the sky for European nationals after the United Kingdom decided to leave the European union, yet one thing is certain, the future of the European nationals is still secured and they can still continue to enjoy their rights and residency status in the United Kingdom even after the Brexit becomes effective after December 31, 2020. 

The United Kingdom is still committed to EU citizens who have been lawfully resident in the UK and is willing to have them settled and even become British citizens if they fulfill the residency requirements.A family of Cypriot Nationals as an example, if they have been residing in the United Kingdom as EU citizens and by December 31st, 2020 completes five years of legal residency, then they are eligible to apply for settlement, which is the right to reside indefinitely in the United Kingdom and by that they furnish their way towards becoming British Citizens

This is the case even if the Cypriot nationals have spent less than five years in the United Kingdom by the end of this year, they can still apply for further stay (pre-settlement visa) in the United Kingdom to continue living in the UK and complete their five years of residency, eventually apply for permanent residency and British Citizenship if all requirements are fulfilled. 

Cypriots are not the only EU country that can benefit from this arrangement, but they are set as an example to all other EU citizens who would like to relocate to the United Kingdom.