Saint Kitts and Nevis signs a visa waiver agreement with Tuvalu and Sudan

Saint Kitts and Nevis Passport

With the aim of expanding the scope of its diplomatic presence, the State of Saint Kitts and Nevis signed an entry agreement with the country of Tuvalu which is located to the South of the Pacific ocean between Hawaii and Australia, as it’s known as an independent country and a member of the British Commonwealth Nations, and Tuvalu consists of nine atolls with an area of 26 square kilometers, making it the fourth smallest country in the world. This agreement has received praise and support for the endeavors of the State of Saint Kitts and Nevis to continue to strengthen its diplomatic presence around the world and build friendships with different countries, as according to official resources, since the country’s government assumed its duties in 2015, it has signed 33 agreements to allow Mutual entry without a visa, the latest of which was the signing of an agreement with the State of Sudan in late March with the aim of strengthening economic and cultural ties and allowing entry without a visa for a period of up to 90 days in both countries for the holders of the official, diplomatic and ordinary passports, and during this meeting, areas of cooperation between the countries were also discussed, such as the development of transport and the possibility of exchanging natural resources, and opening the doors to a greater partnership between the countries of Africa and the Union of Caribbean States. These initiatives have been positively seen in the strength and position of the Saint Kitts and Nevis passport, as it ranks 27 with 154 destinations around the world according to Reach Immigration Passport Index.

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