Dominica signs an agreement of cooperation with the Kingdom of Morocco

Dominica and the kingdom of Morocco

On an official visit recently paid by the Prime Minister of the State of Dominica to Morocco, the two sides expressed their desire to deepen and enhance cooperation between them through the exchange of experiences in various fields of common interest. A wide range of issues related to the two countries and prospects for expanding bilateral cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Commonwealth Dominica were discussed, which culminated in the signing of several agreements to ensure the success of this cooperation covering several key sectors, such as education, vocational training, agriculture, health and tourism, in addition to the opening of the Dominica Consulate in Morocco under the name of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), as this The promising and important diplomatic presence will certainly represent a great opportunity to enhance bilateral exchanges between the Kingdom of Morocco and the six Eastern Caribbean countries. The results of these initiatives can be seen in the extent of the strong relations that Dominica is achieving with various countries around the world and the strength and position that the Dominica passport enjoys, which has become one of the most important passports in the world, as it ranks 37 with 143 destinations around the world according to the Reach Immigration Index of Passports classification. Dominica citizenship by investment program was launched in 1993 to become one of the most popular programs by investors wishing to secure the future of their families by obtaining a second passport, and enjoy many benefits, as the fast procedures for obtaining citizenship and receiving the passport in a period between 3-6 months from the date of application, and this program does not require any requirements related to the language, educational level or work experience of any of the applicants, and there is no requirement for actual residence in Dominica before or after the application procedures, and the state allows the passing of citizenship to future generations.

Reach Immigration is licensed and approved by the Government of Dominica to promote this program, and it has a team specialized in providing advice and answering inquiries from those wishing to apply for Dominica citizenship.