Hawa Dijlah Radio hosts experts and consultants from Reach Immigration

A microphone and computer monitor on a desk at Hawa Dajla Radio station

“Hawa Dejla” Radio recently hosted legal advisors and representatives from Reach Immigration, a company specialized in the field of immigration and investment, to talk about programs and methods of immigration to world countries and obtaining a second passport.

The radio hosted the Regional Director of Iraq branches (Baghdad and Erbil), Mr.Ahmed Shallah, who introduced Reach Immigration, its branches around the world and the programs it provides, such as skilled migration and investment in its different forms of financial contribution, government bonds or real estate investment. And he mentioned that the company can give free consultation for those interested with the possibility of providing solutions and proposing the most suitable country for them according to their needs, guaranteeing complete confidentiality for the client.

The radio also broadcasted another interview with the legal advisor of Reach Immigration in Baghdad branch, Mr.Mohammad Al Thahab, who gave an explanation about the Caribbean Countries program and its advantages, the time it takes to obtain the passport, and ways to obtain it either through real estate investment in one of the international resorts or through a financial contribution.

An episode on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, was about the Entrepreneur Program offered by UK, Canada, and Australia, where the consultant specialized in business and investment migration, Ms. Alaa Salama, explained during the episode all the information about this immigration program, which enables entrepreneurs to establish their business in these countries to obtain residency that leads to citizenship.

In the last interview, Hawa Dijlah radio hosted the Regional Director, Mrs.Maram Issa who talked about how to obtain residency or citizenship through real estate investment in the following countries: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean.

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