Skilled Worker immigration program in the UK

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The skilled worker immigration program is an alternative to the Tier 2 work visa system that was previously sought. The program relies on collecting points and targets those wishing to live and work in the UK. At least 70 points must be collected, and these points are collected in two steps. They are as follows:

Step 1: Obtain at least 50 points

This is achieved through meeting the following main requirements:

  • Obtaining a job offer from a licensed employer authorized to hire workers from outside the UK (20 points).
  • Securing a job offer requiring specific skill levels and a salary of at least £20,480 (20 points).
  • Possessing an intermediate-level English language certificate in reading, writing, and speaking (10 points).

Step 2: Obtain at least 20 points

This is accomplished by obtaining a job offer with a salary of at least £25,600. Additionally, applicants with a Ph.D. in specific fields such as information technology, engineering, and chemistry or working in high-demand occupations in the UK job market can earn extra points. The applicant can also earn additional points if they have a Ph.D. in their field with a salary of at least £23,040.

Other requirements for this program include the applicant having personal savings and a clean criminal record, as well as undergoing a medical examination.

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