UK launches New Skilled Worker immigration program

Skilled workers from different countries can now apply to immigrate to the UK through the new UK skilled worker  program. 

The new program, which is based on a pointing system, gives opportunity to those who are interested to enter, live and work in the UK; as this program came as an alternative to the “Tier 2” work visa.

The new program is based on collecting points for those who qualify, as the applicant must collect at least 70 points, and these points are collected through two steps:

to collect at least 50 points in the main requirements, which are: 

– Have a job offer from a UK licensed employer to attract workers from outside the UK (20 points)

– The applicant obtains a job offer that requires a certain skill level and a salary of at least 20,480 pounds. (20 points)

– Intermediate English level in reading, writing and speaking (10 points)

As for the second step, it is through obtaining at least 20 points, and that is through:

– Having a job offer with a salary of at least 25,600 pounds, or the applicant has a PhD in certain fields such as information technology, engineering and chemistry or working in jobs that suffer from a shortage in the UK labor market, or the additional points can be obtained if the applicant holds a Doctorate degree in his field of work with a salary of no less than 23,040 pounds.

There are other requirements for this program such as having a personal savings, clean criminal record in addition to a tuberculosis test (this applies to applicants from certain countries).

Reach Immigration doesn’t provide this type of immigration program, but it continues to provide investment migration services to the UK that don’t require many conditions.

One popular investment migration program to the UK is the Sole Representative route, the requirements of this program include opening a branch of the mother company in the UK, with a requirement to have experience as a senior manager with no or less than 50% of the shares in the mother company that will be represented in the UK.

Reach Immigration also provides the services of the Tier 1 investor program, which is an investment of 2 million GBP in shares of UK companies or loans to active and commercial UK companies to obtain the right to reside and live in the UK with all the advantages it offers. Reach Immigration can provide consultation on the nature of the investment that can be made in the UK and to obtain the highest return on investment.

If you are interested to know more about investment programs to the UK, we encourage you to  contact Reach Immigration to provide you with all the information and advice that helps you to migrate in a comfortable and unimpeded manner.

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