Caribbean programs are witnessing a high demand among residents of the United Arab Emirates

A person holding a passport and boarding pass

Many people around the world are looking for ways to experience a quality life with a new culture and lifestyle as well as opportunities to expand their business, and the Caribbean countries are the ideal destination for this due to the great economic benefits that they provide for businessmen and investors to enjoy, and according to recent data published, Caribbean programs for Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Grenada are witnessing an increase in the number of applications by citizens residing in the United Arab Emirates interested in obtaining citizenship and a second passport there, and the nationalities of Lebanon and Syria were among the top five nationalities that She invested in her programs.

 Explaining the reasons why the Caribbean countries are a major destination for those looking for a second citizenship and passport, they enjoy a good international reputation due to their social, economic and political stability, and they also offer desirable tax regimes where individuals and businesses can enjoy financial privacy as well as tax breaks on their income all over the world. one of the most important reasons for choosing the programs of the Caribbean countries is the freedom of their passports to travel and move between the largest number of countries, as they allow you to enter more than 140 different destinations without a visa or visa on arrival, you can see all the details related to arranging passports of countries The Caribbean and the countries you can enter through the our Passport Ranking Index at the link here


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