A busy month for Reach Immigration with several conferences where held for Businessmen and Investors

A number of Investors and Businessmen interested in obtaining residency or citizenship and a second passport were hosted in the presence of a number of consultants and experts in a number of events held by Reach Immigration Company in June. The first of these meetings took place in the company’s first branch in Ramallah – Palestine The Carmel Hotel on Saturday 11th, this event is the first in this branch within the company’s endeavors to keep up with the latest developments related to the programs it offers and to introduce ways to obtain residency or citizenship and a second passport, and discussing the objectives of the company and the services it provides to its clients In each of: Caribbean countries, and European residency programs, the second Reach Immigration event of its kind was held in Istanbul – Turkey at Hilton Hotel on sunday 19th, in which Reach Immigration consultants answered all questions and inquiries related to ways to obtain a residency and Caribbean citizenship for those interested, and at the end of this month on June 25th, the largest conference for businessmen and investors in Baghdad – Iraq was held at Babylon Rotana Hotel, where consultants discussed the most important ways in obtaining residency or citizenship and a second passport to the interested.

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