Immigration to Portugal- How to obtain Residency that leads to Portuguese Citizenship

Immigration to Portugal- How to obtain Residency that leads to Portuguese Citizenship


The Golden visa program of Portugal that was launched in the year 2012 constitutes a fast track for the residency in Europe, and it has many benefits that investors and their families can enjoy once they make the decision to invest and reside in Portugal. 

Besides offering investors different affordable investment options, and the minimum residency requirements of 7 days per year, this program provides the investors and their family members with the right of residing and working in one of the most dynamic and culturally vibrant economies in the world, as Portugal gives preferential citizen-like treatment to people who reside in it. 

The Major advantages of obtaining Portuguese residency through the Golden Visa Program are the following:

1. A Pathway to European Citizenship: Obtaining the Portuguese residency will give you and your family the rights to visa-free travel to all the Schengen area countries, besides, residency holders can become eligible for the Portuguese citizenship after 5 years of having the residency, noting that Portugal allows dual citizenship, with the Portuguese citizenship and passport you have the opportunity of visa-free access and travel to more than 184 destinations around the world, Portugal’s passport is currently ranked as the 5th strongest passport in the world.

2. Real estate market potential: Following the financial crisis, the demand on real estate is rising considerably which creates the perfect investment opportunity for investors who are looking to maximize their future financial economic benefits whether it is by the resale or rental of these properties, Portugal’s amazing recovery from the financial crisis, the beneficial taxation system, as well as the high demand in the real estate market from the Golden Visa program have attributed to make this sector one of the most attractive and secure among all other golden visa programs across the world.

3. Access to health care and education systems: Upon receiving your residency in Portugal, you can enroll your dependent children in public and private school in Portugal, where tuitions fees, if not free, will be considerably cheaper and the education will be of renowned high quality. Also, you and your family members will be able to benefit from the universal health care system of Portugal, which is comprised of many excellent clinics and hospitals that is worldly known with its personalized and humane treatment of patients. 

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