Ontario is the most populated and second largest province in Canada, it contains 14.19 people; the capital of Ontario in Toronto, it is the most populated city in Canada and it is the financial center of the country, other important Ontario cities include: London, Thunder Bay, Kingston, Windsor, and Sudbury. Ontario is well known for its natural diversity that includes beautiful parks and forests, and it has four of the five great lakes and the world famous Niagara Falls.

Most types of industries mostly in Toronto and other urban areas, it contains a strong modern service and information economy and manufacturing base, and it has the strongest natural resources based industries. Ontario environment has many recreational activities that are trying to offer as they are focusing now on the eco-tourism. Job opportunities in Ontario have a full range of profession from information technology to agriculture, the job creation levels in the province have been very strong in recent years and as they are expected to continue.

Citizens in Ontario has the highest ranked income, it has the highest standards of living has made one of the top destinations for new immigrants to Canada, Toronto and Ottawa are the most ranking cities to live in. Ontario is known for its safety, cleanness, and availability of services compared with other similar cities. Newcomers can feel that they are home the moment they step into Ontario, this is for the friendly community and the wonderful reputation around the world.

Ontario is a leader of strong research institutions that present a strong publicly funded education system that is available from kindergarten to grade 12, Ontario post-secondary education is funded by publicity institutions, these institutions have a wide range of careers and subjects with well-known universities that contain subjects in art, agriculture and technology, and other professional programs. One of the most popular colleges in Ontario is University of Toronto, Queens University, the University of Western Ontario.

Under the Canadian law, all provinces in Canada should provide a universal, publicity health care to all Canadian citizens and legal citizens, it means all basic health services are offered at no direct cost to patients, it covers the doctor examination, emergency care, and more, Ontario has 6 private hospital and 4 psychiatric hospitals.

More than half of new immigrants choose to settle in Ontario, qualified immigrants with skills and experience by the province may receive an Ontario provincial nomination certificate which allows the immigrants to apply for Canadian permanents residence. There are certain programs that are provided by the province in order to fasten the immigration process; one of these programs is for skilled workers for high qualified experienced individuals to speed up their applications through Ontario Nominee Program. The other program The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) for entrepreneurs, this program gives an opportunity for individuals who are willing to establish a new business or buy an existing one with an investment inside Toronto of CAD 1,000,000, or outside Toronto with an investment of CAD $500,000.

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