E-2 Treaty investor visa

E-2 investor visa, a pathway for foreign investors to establish businesses in the US

The E-2 Visa Program is one of the oldest immigration programs in the United States, established to encourage trade and economic development in the country. It allows investors to reside and work in the United States to manage and develop their business projects.

This visa is available to entrepreneurs from countries with trade treaties with the United States. These citizens can obtain the visa by investing in new or existing businesses in the U.S.

The E-2 Visa is considered one of the easiest ways to move to the United States. There is no minimum investment requirement, and the processing time is shorter compared to other visa types, ranging from 2-4 months. The visa can be renewed indefinitely as long as the company listed in the application is operational, and the investor is actively managing it (every two years). Additionally, there are less complicated due diligence procedures.

For the families of applicants, the spouse can work in any business in the United States, and eligible children (under 21 years old) can enroll in schools and colleges. It is not required for the family of the applicant to have the same nationality, and they will be granted the visa for the same duration as the primary applicant.

Requirements for the E-2 visa program for investors

To apply for this visa, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold citizenship of a country with trade or navigation treaties with the United States.
  • Have invested or committed to investing a significant amount of capital in a U.S. company.
  • Own at least 50% of the project in the U.S.
  • Put the investor’s capital at risk, making withdrawal without losses impossible, which can be ensured through a sales or lease agreement.
  • The investment should not be marginal; the investor must be capable of creating economically impactful income in the U.S. by employing qualified American workers.

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