Migrating to Japan

Tokyo skyline featuring Tokyo Tower and the cityscape

Japan is a country located in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of more than 6,800 islands. The name “Japan” means “source of the sun,” and therefore, it is known as the Land of the Rising Sun. This designation is well-deserved, considering the significant transformation the country underwent, emerging from the destruction of many of its landmarks during World War II to become one of the world’s leading and most advanced nations, thanks to the tremendous efforts of its people.

The economic development and progress that Japan achieved in the past seven decades played a crucial role in bringing about a qualitative leap for the country. Today, it is ranked as the third-largest economy in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Increased investments in Japan have led it to be the fifth-largest country globally in terms of both imports and exports.

Japan is an important member of various international economic organizations alongside the United States, Britain, France, and Canada. The country’s strength and presence have made its passport the second most powerful, according to the Reach Immigration Passport Index, allowing visa-free access to 192 destinations.

How to migrate to Japan

Japan’s global standing and strong economy have made it a desirable destination for those seeking to migrate. One of the most well-known visas offered by Japan is the work visa, which enables foreigners interested in immigration and employment in Japan to apply for a work visa through the Japanese embassies and consulates in their respective countries. This involves submitting personal information and meeting general requirements for any work visa worldwide.

One of the essential requirements for a work visa in Japan is the Certificate of Eligibility, issued by the Ministry of Justice in Japan. 

Applicants submit this certificate to the Japanese embassy or consulate along with the rest of their application documents. You can apply for a work visa in Japan through the following methods:

Regular work visa

This type of visa can be obtained by securing a job offer or contract from a Japanese institution. Individuals or entities wishing to employ you apply for the Certificate of Eligibility from the local immigration office in Japan. Once you receive the certificate, you must use it in your application for a work residence through the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country. The duration of this residence permit ranges from 3 months to 5 years.

Official immigration visa

This points-based visa offers additional privileges, such as a duration of up to 5 years, ease and speed in obtaining permanent residence and Japanese citizenship, and the possibility of adding family members under certain conditions. 

This visa is designed for experienced individuals with specialized skills, such as advanced academic research activities, advanced technical activities in natural and human sciences, and advanced business management activities. Applicants accumulate points based on their experience and academic qualifications, and approval is granted for obtaining a work residence in Japan.

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