How can you obtain Turkish citizenship and passport?

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If you are considering living and working in Turkey permanently and wish to apply for Turkish citizenship, you can do so by following some of the following methods:

Turkish Citizenship through Investment Programs

There are various options to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, including:

  1. Real Estate Investment

    The Turkish citizenship program through real estate investment provides an opportunity for the applicant and their family to obtain citizenship in a short period by purchasing property valued at a minimum of 400,000 USD anywhere in Turkey.

    This program offers several advantages, including:

    • The ability to lease the property and benefit from the return on investment.
    • No requirement for actual residence in Turkey.
    • The possibility to apply for the United States E2 visa.
    • The ability to include eligible family members in the application.


  1. Establishing a Business Project

    There is another way to obtain Turkish citizenship through commercial investment, which involves creating job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish individuals.


  2. Capital Transfer

    Investors who are not interested in real estate or commercial investments can make for capital investment. The minimum capital investment amount to obtain Turkish citizenship is $500,000, with the requirement to retain the investment for a period of 3 years. The following methods are accepted:

    • Depositing the funds in one of the banks.
    • Contributing to government bonds.
    • Investing in shares of mutual funds.

Reasons to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Among the reasons that may prompt you to invest in Turkey to obtain citizenship and a passport are:

  1. Freedom of movement and special privileges


    The holder of a Turkish passport enjoys freedom of movement to 113 countries without a visa, and can obtain privileges through the retirement law after the age of 60, in addition to benefiting from free education for children under the age of 18 in public schools in Turkey.

  2. Unique Geographic Location


    Turkey possesses a geographically unique location, with parts of it situated in Asia and others in Europe. It is among the largest countries in the region in terms of area, territory, and population. With a population exceeding 80 million, Turkey is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, lush green forests, beautiful coastlines, and enchanting rivers, offering a distinctive and unique lifestyle for those considering relocation.

  3. Robust Economy


    Turkey operates a mixed economy where both government and private institutions contribute to economic development. The economy has predominantly shifted from agriculture to industrial and service sectors. Turkey boasts a diverse range of natural resources, supporting a wide array of manufacturing activities.
    Foreign trade has also played a significant role in the Turkish economy, with exports derived mainly from agriculture, minerals, and raw materials. Imports primarily consist of machinery, transportation equipment, and manufactured goods.

  4. Strength of the Education System

    Turkey’s education system encompasses several key sectors, including:

    • Primary Education
      Compulsory and free education lasts for 4 years, starting from the first grade to the fourth grade.
    • Middle Education
      This stage spans from the fifth grade to the ninth grade, lasting for 4 years.
    • Secondary Education
      Starting from the tenth grade and concluding in the twelfth grade, this stage lasts for 4 years.
    • Higher Education Institutions
      After completing secondary education with its various branches and specialisations in Turkey, students proceed to study at universities or institutes.
  5. Advanced Healthcare System


    Turkey provides a comprehensive healthcare system that includes basic and specialised medical services. A wide range of hospitals and medical centres, both government-owned and private, is scattered across the country. Additionally, Turkey boasts a significant number of qualified doctors and specialists across various medical fields.

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