Entrepreneur and Investor Immigration to Germany

Germany is one of Europe’s top countries. A powerful economic and political presence in the EU, it is expected to take the lead in shaping the European Union’s economy after Brexit eventually unfolds and the UK leaves the EU.

Unlike many of its European counterparts, Germany does not possess a clear route of immigration to investors or entrepreneurs; stating that residency may be awarded to those who provide economic benefit to the country.

This means that any migration hopeful would have to bolster an already astounding economy, something that is not easily done. Enhancing the economy may come in the form of bringing in newly developed technology, patents, copyrights, or technological advancement. 

An increase in research and development may well be considered as well. Others prefer the route of increasing exports to foreign states, hence tipping the already positive trade deficit of the country that much more.

This grey area, however, means the risk is higher. Investing large amounts in a foreign market in the hopes that it will be deemed good enough to end with a residency card is not the safest route. Economically, it is a great bet, as Germany recently rarely endures difficult economic times. In terms of migration, however, the path is complex and littered with risks.

Other countries such as Portugal, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Malta, and Cyprus provide a much clearer route to obtaining EU residency and eventual immigration to the EU. These can lead hopeful immigrants to eventually gain long term European residencies that enable them to eventually settle in Germany through much safer and easier economic investments.

Immigration to Germany will always remain a hot topic, but when it comes to smart ones, at least for now, other EU countries offer better solutions at the moment.

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