How to Get Turkish Citizenship and Passport?

Turkey has a unique geographic position lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe, it is among the larger countries of the region in term of territory and population and its land area is greater than any European state. With a population of 80 million people in 2017, Turkey is a vast country with a beautiful landscape it has a breathtaking nature, animals and plants, to green forests, fascinating beaches, and mesmerizing rivers. The climate of Turkey varies due to the sheer size of the country, but it is mostly continental with warm summers and joyful snowy winters in the north, while the south is blessed with beautiful Mediterranean weather all year round; there are significant contrasts between summer and winter temperature, January means that the temperature is below freezing throughout the interior as it reaches -5c, summer is hot in July means it exceeds 20c in all highest mountains areas as there is always a magnificent place for anyone and everyone.

Turkey’s main cities, Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, and Trabzon have become a global attraction for tourists worldwide; with numerous historical sites and wonders, an outstanding cuisine, hospitable culture, mesmerizing nature, and various activities Turkey has it all.

Turkey is operating a mixed economy in which both state and private enterprise contribute to economic development. The economy has been transformed mostly from agriculture to the industry and services sectors, Turkey also has a variety of natural resources and support a wide range of manufacturing activities. Foreign trade has also played an increasing role in the Turkish economy as more exports were derived from agriculture and the other has consisted of minerals and raw materials; imports were mainly limited to machinery, transportation equipment, and manufactured goods. Turkey’s position as one of the economic leaders worldwide is only increasing; which makes the country a favorable destination for entrepreneurs and workers alike.

 Turkey education system involves five main sectors. The first one is the primary education which is free and required, it begins at age six and lasts five years, there is also a village school were training in agriculture and handicrafts activities. Secondary education where all of half of the students continue in the middle and high school for three years each. There are also a large number of vocational and technical schools which it may be entered after the completion of the middle school. There are also more than 1,200 institutions of higher education and more than 60 universities and one of the largest and famous universities are The Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Istanbul Technical University and Hacettepe University in Ankara.

Health care in Turkey is provided by both the state and the private health care, though not all workers are covered by the social security system which provides health insurance, Turkey has a sufficient number of doctors, but facilities is more concentrated in the urban areas.

The Turkish culture is friendly and welcomes people from all over the world; it is easy to strike up a conversation and to have friends in there, no matter what destination you want to visit.

How can you obtain Turkish citizenship and passport?

If you are thinking of living and work in Turkey permanently, and you want to apply for the Turkish citizenship, you could do that by applying through several programs available in turkey. Turkey economically is one of the fastest countries in the world, so if you are looking to invest in Turkey, you should always consider it a great place that has big opportunities.

Citizenship through naturalization:

If you live in turkey legally for several years specified by the country’s government, then you can apply for the citizenship through naturalization, it’s one of the most common methods of getting the second citizenship. If you lived in Turkey for five years through working visa or through student’s visa then you will be eligible to become a naturalized citizen.

Turkish Citizenship by Marriage:

If you marry a Turkish citizen, you will be able to obtain the Turkish citizenship within 3 years of marriage can be either conducted inside or outside Turkey, the foreign consulate should be informed of the marriage, after the marriage you will get 1 year duration visa which can be extendable and it allows you to work and live in Turkey, after 3 years you can obtain the Turkish citizenship.

Turkey citizenship by investment programs: 

 There are many options for obtaining the Turkish citizenship by investing, these options are:

  • Buy a Property and get the Residency:

one of the easiest options to invest in Turkey is the real estate investment program and it’s a program that has been established in 2018, it offers the individuals and their families a unique opportunity to gain citizenship in a short period of time by purchasing a property valued by 250,000 USD and the property must be maintained for three years, and the Turkish passport will be issued after 6 months.

  • Own a Property to get Citizenship:

In this option there is no limitation of investment or value of the property, if you buy any property with a reasonable value in turkey you will get a 1-year permit residency, you can renew it every year. Once you have spent 5 years and the property was under your name you can apply for the Turkish citizenship.

  • Invest in a Company for Turkish Citizenship:

If you invest in two million dollars in Turkish company or buy shares of this company you can apply for fast track citizenship. But you can’t take out the investment for three years.

  • Bank Deposit Program:

The fourth option is required to make a fixed amount of deposit 500,000 USD for 3 years in one of the Turkish banks. You are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

  • Start a Business in Turkey to get the Passport:

Establishing your own company will get you the Turkish citizenship and you can live permanently in turkey. There is one major condition, is that your company or organization must create 50 job opportunities for local citizens if you meet these requirements you will be eligible to apply for citizenship.

There are several investing programs in turkey if you are thinking of taking the Turkish citizenship. Basic requirements will be needed; first, you should be above 18 years old, in a good health, basic knowledge of the Turkish language, reasonable income, and good character (no criminal records).

The reasons why you want to invest in Turkey, first you will be able to travel to 111 countries without a visa, you will gain benefits from the retirement law after sixty, the investor can pass on multiple citizenships for his children and grandchildren, free education for the children below 18 years old in Turkey public schools, and you are allowed to have a dual citizenship.

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