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Residency by Investment in Turkey

Passport Rank


Investment Amount​

starting from 200,000 USD

Processing Time

2-3 Months

About Turkey


Turkey is a country located in Southeast Europe, with a significant portion of its territory in Western Asia. It is known for its strategic location and breathtaking natural beauty, with its capital being the city of Ankara. Turkey is among the largest economies in the region and is one of the key commercial markets, providing a conducive environment for business and investment.

  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Total Area: 783,562 km²
  • Capital: Ankara
  • Government System: Parliamentary Democratic Republic

About the residency by real estate investment in Turkey


The residency program in Turkey through real estate investment is directed to investors interested in residing and living in Turkey, which is one of the largest countries in the region in terms of area and population, and which is known to be part of it located in Asia and part of it located in Europe, so it is a link between the two continents.


Benefits of residency by real estate investment in Turkey


Among the benefits that this program provides are the following:

  • A renewable Residence Permit every 3 years leading to citizenship (conditions apply).
  • An investment opportunity in the Turkish real estate market.
  • Including family members (spouse and children under the age of 18).
  • Obtain residency within a short period of time.

Requirements to qualify for residency by real estate investment in Turkey


Investor requirements

  • He must be 18 years or older.
  • Purchasing a property with an amount of no less than 200,000 USD (or its equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira).
  • Must have a clean criminal record in Turkey or any other country where the applicant has lived before.
  • To be in good health.

Requirements of family members

  • Spouse.
  • Dependent children under the age of 18.

The cost of investing in the residency by real estate investment in Turkey


You must invest in a property whose amount is not less than 200,000 USD (or the equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira), provided that the conditions of the property are appropriate and comply with public health and safety standards.

Process Pipeline


  • Selection and evaluation of the property.
  • Purchasing a property.
  • Registering the property in the Turkish Land Department.
  • Submit a residence application.
  • Obtaining residency.

Our Services


  • Providing advice on investment requirements.
  • Informing the presenter of the program’s laws and regulations.
  • Familiarize the applicant with the required papers and procedures.
  • Preparing and submitting the application to the competent authorities and following up with them.
  • Help in searching for a suitable property.


  • How can I obtain residency in Turkey?

    One of the ways to obtain residency in Turkey is through real estate investment, whereby an amount of no less than 200,000 USD is invested (or its equivalent in foreign currency or the Turkish lira), and therefore you are eligible to obtain residency within a period ranging between 2-3 months.

  • Is the Turkish economy strong?

    Turkey is a founding member of the OECD and the G20, and its economy ranks 17th in the world and 7th in Europe in terms of GDP in 2023.

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