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Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

Passport Rank


Investment Amount​

Starting from 600,000€‎

Processing Time

Not less than 12 months

About Malta


Malta is a country located in the Mediterranean Sea, with its capital being Valletta. It is the smallest member state of the European Union in terms of both area and population. Malta boasts a rich and diverse history, reflecting the influences of various civilizations over the ages. It is renowned as a famous tourist destination due to its mild year-round climate, and stunning cultural landmarks, and what makes it an attractive investment destination is its safe and stable environment.

  • Language: Maltese and English
  • Currency: Euro
  • Government: Parliamentary Republic
  • Total Area: 320 km²
  • Capital: Valletta

About Malta Citizenship by Investment Program


The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program offers an opportunity for individuals seeking to move to one of the top European countries, which provides many benefits, including European residency and the freedom to travel with the most powerful passports in the world.


Benefits of Malta Citizenship by Investment Program


The Malta Citizenship by Investment program offers many benefits, which are as follows:

  • European citizenship for all eligible family members.
  • live, work, study, and establish a business in all EU states.
  • Include Family; Spouse, dependent children under 29 years, and parents and grandparents above 55 years.
  • Expand mobility, gain freedom, and easy access to 190 countries, according to the Reach Immigration Passport Ranking Index.
  • No requirement for a language test or citizenship test for naturalization.
  • Tax exemption privileges on worldwide income for non-residents.
  • Dual Citizenship is allowed without renouncing the original citizenship.
  • The possibility of passing on citizenship to future generations, with the advantage of enjoying a high-level health and education system.

Requirements to qualify for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program


Investor Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age, or older.
  • Possess the required capital, showing a minimum residency requirement (12 months).
  • Have medical insurance that covers the applicant globally; the minimum level of coverage is 30,000 € (per annum per person)
  • Have a clean criminal record and a good reputation.
  • Have not been denied a visa to a country with whom Malta has visa-free travel arrangements.
  • Reside for at least 15-20 days in Malta, more time is recommended.

Family Member’s Requirements

  • The spouse.
  • Dependent children, of the main applicant or spouse, including any adopted child.
  • Dependents below 18 at the time of citizenship application submission.
  • Dependents 18 – 28 (under 29) at the time of citizenship application submission, who are not married, prove, and are wholly maintained or otherwise largely supported by the main applicant.
  • Other qualified dependents with a disability are eighteen (18) at the time of citizenship application submission
  • Possibility of including parents and grandparents over 55 years old and fully or substantially financially dependent on the applicant.

Cost of obtaining Malta Citizenship by Investment Program


The applicant must choose the government contribution they wish to invest in, taking into account whether they want to purchase or rent a property, as follows:

Non-refundable government contribution

  • A non-refundable amount of 750,000 EUR to obtain permanent residency and be able to apply for citizenship after 12 months (1 year).
  • Or starting from 600,000 EUR to obtain permanent residence and be able to apply for citizenship after 36 months (3 years).

Real estate investment

    • Purchase a property: an amount of not less than 700,000 EUR.
    • Or Rent a property: an amount of not less than 16,000 EUR per year.

Ownership must be maintained for at least 5 years.
Donation: A 10,000 EUR compulsory donation to an NGO

Process and Steps To Obtain Malta Citizenship by Investment Program


  • Signing the contract and collecting documents.
  • Submit residency application.
  • Approval of residency & visit to Malta.
  • Acquiring residency cards.
  • Collect and submit documents for the Eligibility stage.
  • Paying the full investment amount.
  • Obtaining initial approval.
    Appealing eligibility.
  • Receiving citizenship certificates and passports.

Our Services


  • Providing advice on investment requirements.
  • Informing the presenter of the laws and regulations of the program.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the necessary papers during the application process.
  • Preparing and submitting the application to relevant authorities and following up with them.
  • Helping in searching for a suitable property.
    Coordination for submission and biometric appointment with related authorities.
  • Providing advice in case of additional requirements.
  • Adding newborn children.


  • What is the processing time for citizenship by investment in Malta?

    The duration of the procedures varies according to the type of investment, as the applicant must choose the government contribution in which he wishes to invest, bearing in mind that he must choose whether he wants to buy or rent a property.

  • Is Malta a developed country?

    Malta is considered an advanced state, with an economy based on services, industry, and tourism, with high income and active membership in the European Union. It is also characterized by a high level of education and healthcare, advanced infrastructure, and a safe and stable environment.

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