Hungary Residence Permit Program

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Investment Amount​

60,000 Euro

Processing Time

60 days

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About Hungary Residence Permit Program


This program is designed for individuals who want to have access to Hungary and who wish to establish a life and enjoy the right of residence within the country. 

The simplicity of the program makes it attractive for investors who wish to reside with their families in one of the most attractive EU countries.


Benefits of the Investment


Hungary offers a wide range of benefits and privileges to investors, such as:

  • Family can be included in the application (i.e., spouse and children regardless of age (conditions apply for dependents above 18)
  • Obtain a residence permit in Hungary for a period of 1 year, which can be renewed
  • All members of the applicant’s family enjoy freedom of movement throughout the Schengen countries
  • You and your family can enjoy the full social benefits within Hungary (health insurance and free education).
  • Have the opportunity to establish a business in Hungary 
  • All Nationalities can apply with no restrictions 
  • Fast processing time (within 60 days)

Hungary Residence Permit Program Qualifications and Requirements


This program is distinguished for the simplicity of its requirements by the interested individuals, as they are only required to: 

  • Have the financial ability to establish a business & support yourself and your family 
  • Register and establish a business within the first year of residency




There is the residence permit  cost that will be advised upon submission as well as the cost of the business that will be opened in Hungary within the first year that will depend on the requirements and needs of the business and the market.

Process and steps


  • Step One: Collect all the important required documents and forms
  • Step Two Schedule an appointment with the embassy at the Hungarian Embassy/Consulate
  • Step Three Attend the interview and submit the application
  • Step Four Receive approval and Hungary landing visa 
  • Step Five Travel to Hungary
  • Step Six Submit biometrics and register accommodation address in Hungary
  • Step Seven Collect residence permit 

Our Services


Reach Immigration will guide you through the whole process of this program and will be there to advise you each step of the way; we will mainly provide the following services:

  • Provide you with the consultation on the documents needed for the application 
  • Prepare and revise your file before submission
  • Arrange for your interview at the embassy to submit the application
  • Follow up with the relevant authorities
  • Assistance in Hungary until residence permit cards are collected


Yes, You will be able to apply for the Hungarian permanent residency after 3 years of residency.
Yes, residents will be eligible to apply for Hungarian citizenship in 8 years.
The residency renewal requirements are business related
Hungary is well known to have the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe, which is a flat rate of 9%, also registering a business in Hungary usually takes up to 5-7 days only. It is also a great way to access the European market.


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