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Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship By Investment

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Investment Amount​

100,000 USD

Processing Time

3-6 months

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About Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program


The citizenship by investment program in Antigua & Barbuda is a simple and direct route for investors to gain second citizenship through investment for themselves as well as their qualifying family members.

The program is direct, quick, and transparent. Investors can choose to either invest in contributing to government development funds or purchasing real estate in some of the most breathtaking resorts in the touristic country of Antigua & Barbuda.

Reach Immigration is authorized by the government of Antigua & Barbuda to promote the program and provide consultation on the best investment option as well as the requirements of the program.


Benefits of the Program


The Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program offers many benefits, with the most prominent of them being:

  • Citizenship and passports for the main applicant and qualifying family members which include parents and grandparents as well as siblings, and it can be extended to future spouses and children of dependents.
  • The Antigua & Barbuda passport offers visa-free entry to more than 150 destinations worldwide
  • No physical presence required to get the citizenship and passport
  • Receipt of citizenship & passport within three to six months of application
  • No requirement of language, education, or experience needed for applicants or their family members
  • The program offers options for investors to diversify their assets in the form of real estate investments in one of the world’s most tourist countries

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program Qualifications & Requirements


The requirements of the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program are quite simple, and they include the following:

Main Applicant Requirements

    • Be of at least 18 years of age
    • Have no criminal record.
    • Provide evidence of the availability of funds for investment
    • Have not been denied a visa to a country of which Antigua & Barbuda enjoys visa-free travel treaty 

Spouse and Dependents requirements

  • The current spouse of the main applicant to be over the age of 18.
  • The children of the main applicant or his/her spouse to be under 31 years of age and financially dependent on the main applicant.
  • The parents or grandparents of the main applicant or his/her spouse to be 55 years of age or above and financially dependent on the main applicant.
  • Unmarried siblings of the main applicant, or of his/her spouse can be included in the application regardless of age.

Cost of obtaining Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship


There are several investment options available to acquire the citizenship and passport of Antigua and Barbuda which are the following: 

  • National Development Funds: this is a contribution investment for the amount of USD 100,000 covering a family up to 4 members or USD 125,000 covering a family of 5 and more.
  • Real estate Investment: In a government-approved real estate project, the investor invests in real estate with a value not less than USD 400,000. Still, the investor with another investor can make a joint ownership to one real estate with each investing at least USD 200,000.
  • University of West Indies Fund: this is a contribution investment created for big families, of which the investor finances the university to build their campus in Antigua and Barbuda. At an amount of USD 150,000, a family of at least 6 members can acquire the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda.

Other fees apply that include government processing fees and background checks on applicants.

Steps and Timeline


  • Step one: Preparation of documentation and compiling the file
  • Step two: Submission of the file to the government of Antigua & Barbuda
  • Step three: Receipt of approval from the government of Antigua & Barbuda
  • Step Four: Transferring investment amount (either contribution or real estate investment)
  • Step five: Receipt of citizenship certificates and passports


Our Services


Reach Immigration’s status as a licensed authorized representative of the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program; we are in pole position to offer a large variety of services to our clients, the main of them being:

  • Provide consultation on the best investment option that brings the best value for each client depending on their needs
  • Compiling and submission of the file as the client’s chosen representative
  • Revising any sales & purchase agreement if the client opts for real estate investment
  • Follow up on application status and any further requirements
  • Provide consultation for adding family members after the main applicant’s receipt of citizenship
  • Provide consultation of laws and regulations of the program


No. There is no requirement for physical residence to obtain citizenship under the program’s regulations
The investment amounts are not paid unless your application is approved. Except some of the payments that would be made at the beginning of the application such as the Due diligence fees are non refundable.
There are no taxes on foreign income, gifts, wealth, inheritance, or capital gains.
yes, whether existing dependents or newborn children, they all can be added through a new application with certain fees, as long as they meet the definition of dependents.
Investing in the University of West Indies Fund entitles one family member to a one-year scholarship on tuition at the University of West Indies.


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