Work permit holders in Canada can now invest in Real Estate Market

A Canadian flag proudly waving in front of a majestic building

On March 27th, the Canadian government announced new decisions for work permit holders, & owners of public and private companies partially owned by non-Canadians, and those interested in the real estate market in Canada. According to the new rules, anyone in Canada with a work permit can purchase a residential property during the period of work in Canada, and to be eligible permit holders must have at least 183 days left on their work permit at the time of purchasing the property. Reach Immigration provides you with programs to obtain residency in Canada through: Provincial nomination programs, which are one of the main ways to immigrate to Canada, as these programs were launched in the early 1990s to allow interested people who have the necessary skills, the required educational level and years of experience to contribute to economic development For one of the provinces and territories, Reach also offers those interested in obtaining permanent residence in Canada through Canada Start-up Visa (SUV), as the program provides permanent residence in Canada for investors and their qualified family members who wish to immigrate to Canada by establishing a new business, where it is provided The innovative project idea of a business incubator, investment capital funds, or investor groups specified by the Canadian government to support the innovative project idea, and immigrant entrepreneurs must prove that the business they intend to establish is innovative, and has the ability to strengthen the Canadian economy by creating new jobs for Canadians, and competition on a global scale. 

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