UK Investor Visa (Tier-1) has been canceled

Cancelled passport with red stamp indicating cancellation

 On February 17 this year, the British Government announced that it will be closing the UK Investor Visa Program (Tier-1) to all new applicants, and allowing existing visa holders to obtain an extension of stay under the UK Investor Visa Program until February 17, 2026.

Since the launch of This program, it was one of the most important options that Reach Immigration offers for those wishing to obtain residency in UK through investment, and by Canceling this program, you can still apply for UK residence through another remaining options available to you, by investing in the UK Innovators Visa Program for individuals seeking to establish a business with an innovative idea in UK, or invest with an innovative work idea with entrepreneurs residing in UK, and in defining the concept of this innovative idea, it is any development of products or services that did not previously exist, or finding new, more effective methodologies capable of solving existing problems in the market and bringing about the best change in all sectors, and this program gives you The right to obtain an innovator’s visa, which can lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

Reach Immigration has a team specialized in providing consulting and answers to all your inquiries and questions regarding obtaining residency or citizenship and a second passport. 

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