Turkey Set for Economic Boom in 2023 After Discovery of Largest Natural Gas Resource in the Black Sea

On Friday the 21st of August 2020, President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan proudly announced the discovery of the largest natural gas resource in the black sea to date. The President also informed the public that the resource will be ready for consumption in 2023, a year which coincidentally marks the end of the Treaty of Lausanne, making it a year full of potential for the nation’s economy.

The news sparked more interest for investors willing to purchase Turkish Lira in a bid to gain superior profit in a few years, while others are considering more tangible investments such as real estate, which could, in turn, lead to obtaining Turkish citizenship, providing them with even more economic benefit in the long run.

Turkey’s citizenship by investment program has been one of the world’s most popular second citizenship programs, with 37% of all foreign purchases of property coming from Iraq, and GCC nationals. Those who invest USD 250,000 in property within Turkey are eligible to gain citizenship for themselves and their family members within 3 months.

Turkey’s discovery of a natural gas resource, along with the ending of the binding treaty of Lausanne, has enticed investors to take note, and obtain a route into an economy that has a bright future ahead.

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