The Saint Lucia passport has been issued as one of the best passports of the Caribbean countries that offer citizenship by investment

Saint Lucia passport Caribbean countries

Saint Lucia is one of the most desirable nationalities in the world and is an essential option for investors who want to expand their freedom of movement. Governmental or by buying real estate on the island with beautiful nature.

The Saint Lucia passport ranks 33rd in the world, as it allows its holder to enter more than 140 countries around the world without the need for a travel visa. In addition, Saint Lucia is a destination for investors from around the world, and those who choose to invest in the Citizenship by Investment Program can rest assured that the country will provide them with an ideal environment that matches their needs.

The importance of the Saint Lucia passport can be inferred from the noticeable increase in the number of contracts signed with Reach Immigration, such as contracts to contribute to government funds, in addition to real estate investment contracts.

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