The deadline for renewing Dominica’s ordinary passports to the biometric (electronic) is till the end of August, 2022

In an initiative to achieve maximum security standards for Dominica’s passport holders, Authorities announced last year the approval of the electronic passport edition, which carries the biometric information of its holders, and to replace the regular paper passport. This updated passport has high-tech features as it contains all the vital data related to its holder from fingerprints, digital map of the face, iris scan and others. The new passport is expected to help the Dominican government to address the growing threats of identity theft, enhance border security and keep its citizens and residents safe. In this context, the relevant authorities in Dominica announced that the time given to holders of paper passports wishing to renew them for the updated electronic version has been moved to August 30th, 2022, after it was set on July 30th, 2023.

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