Changes to citizenship laws for some Caribbean countries programs

Caribbean Passports

Changes to nationality laws for some Caribbean countries’ programs lead to an increase in the value of investment to obtain citizenship. For those interested in learning about the options that are still available before the change applies to them, you can contact the Reach Immigration team, as these options are available for a very limited period, and Reach Immigration is licensed and approved By the governments of the Caribbean countries to promote programs for obtaining their citizenship, which is witnessing a great turnout from investors wishing to secure the future of their families by obtaining a second passport and to enjoy many benefits, the most important of which are the freedom of movement to more than 140 destinations around the world without a visa, and the speed of procedures for obtaining citizenship and receiving the passport. Within a period ranging between 3-6 months from the date of submitting the application without the need for any requirements related to language, educational level, or practical experience for any of the applicants, in return for investing in the form of a government contribution to a development fund managed by the government of the country, or by investing in a real estate Approved by the state.

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