What is the difference between Residency and Citizenship?

What is the difference between Residency and Citizenship?

Immigration programs vary around the world and are different  from one country to another, each of them has conditions and requirements that make it different from the other.

There are programs that grant residency and others grant citizenship, and many believe that obtaining residency means acquiring citizenship, but this belief is wrong.

So what is the difference between Residency and Citizenship?

Obtaining citizenship makes you a citizen of the given country, a citizen is a person who has the right to live, study,  work, vote and to get health care in the country.

As for residency, it is a permit that allows an individual to reside in a specific country with conditions that must be adhered to. The holder does not enjoy political rights such as the right to vote, and these permits are for specific reasons such as work, study, or investment.

There are two types of residency: The first is temporary residency, which gives the individual the right to reside in the country for a limited time with the possibility of renewing it or applying for permanent or national residency, according to the state’s policies and regulations.

The second type of residency is permanent residency that gives you the right to reside in a country for a longer period (extending for years), and the length of stay varies from country to another, as residency may enable you to obtain citizenship in some countries’ laws.

Reach Immigration, which specializes in immigration, residency and citizenship programs since 2000, has been able to provide thousands of immigration opportunities to many countries of the world for those who wish to do so, and the company’s work expanded to include (19 branches) in many countries (Jordan (Amman), Iraq (Baghdad), Iraq (Erbil), Egypt (Cairo- 5th settlement), Egypt (Cairo- 6th October city) , Egypt (Cairo- Nile city towers Downtown),Egypt (Alexandria) ,Cyprus (Limassol), Kuwait (Salmiya), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Qatar(Doha), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Saudi Arabia (Khobar),United kingdom (London), Palestine (Ramallah), Yemen (Sana’a), Turkey (Istanbul-Maslak)) all provide immigration services, consultations, prepare the required legal information, and reach the best possible ways to achieve clients ’goals.

Reach Immigration also provides advice and services for programs that grant citizenship directly, which do not require complicated conditions and enable those wishing to obtain citizenship within 3-6 months, Citizenship programs such as Turkey, Egypt and Caribbean countries ( Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Turkey, Antigua and Barbuda). 

Reach Immigration provides residency programs such as Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Malta and United kingdom. which enable an individual to apply for citizenship or residency in the desired country in an easy, simple and safe way.

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