How To Get an American Passport

The United States passport is one of the world’s strongest travel documents, ranked 7th globally, the US passport awards its holder with visa-free travel to 185 destinations worldwide, almost the entire globe.

USA’s allure has been ever-present since its establishment, as immigrants flock from all corners of the globe to start a better life in the home of the American dream.

To this day, many people hope to move to the US, as its economic power, high living standard, and status as one of the world’s leading nations make it a desirable destination. Be it investors, entrepreneurs, workers, refugees, students, or otherwise; people want to become American citizens.

How Can You Get a US Passport?

The US has a simple and straight forward route to gaining citizenship. Any person who meets the criteria and is in the US on a green card can apply for a US passport and citizenship through naturalization.

To apply for citizenship through naturalization you must have resided in the US for at least half of five years, which translates to six months per year for five continuous years. There is one exemption to the rule, which is if you are married to a US citizen, that time becomes three years instead of five.

Citizenship hopefuls who have resided that time on a green card, have maintained a legal status, have not been convicted of serious criminal actions, and are able to pass the citizenship test can then apply.

How To Immigrate to the USA

In order to be able to meet the above criteria, one must first immigrate to the USA. There are a plethora of immigration routes to consider, but the most important thing is to enter the USA on an immigrant visa.

There are generally two types of visas in the USA:

  •       Non-immigrant visas: these visas are given to people who will eventually leave the USA and cannot apply for a green card. These visas vary from short visit visas to worker or entrepreneur visas such as the J1 visa or the E2 visa.
  •       Immigrant visas: These visas are a solid path towards getting a green card. They can be worker visas such s the HB visas or investor visas such as the EB5 Visa.

Family members will have the same status as their sponsors, so if a certain person has a J1 non-immigrant visa, their spouse and children will be on a non-immigrant status as well, and vice-versa.

Easiest Way to Get a USA Green Card

Getting a green card through either finding an employer willing to issue an HB visa, by winning the lottery, getting married to a US citizen are all routes based on circumstance. That is why the EB5 visa proves itself as one of the most coveted immigration programs in the world, it is entirely in the applicant’s hands and does not require the stars to align in order to get a green card.

The EB5 program may prove more expensive than other routes, but it is the simplest way to get a direct green card. There are three options available to get a green card through the EB5 which are:

  •       Invest 1,800,000 USD in your own company and hire 10 US citizens or green cardholders.
  •       Invest 900,000 USD in your own company in a targeted employment area and hire 10 US citizens or green cardholders.
  •       Invest 900,000 USD in a regional center, which in turn hires and works on your behalf.

An applicant is free to choose which one of the above they are most comfortable, and once their application is accepted they are directly awarded with a green card.

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