Grenada also named as the Isle of Spice laying in the eastern Caribbean Sea, the island is around 34 Km long and 19 Km wide, and the Capital of the island is St. George, The island official language is English, with a population of 107,825 in the year 2017.  the island has calm weather and temperature, rainy seasons last from June to December, as November is the rainiest month, Grenada has mountains that fall from north to south and beautiful valleys and forests with tropical fruit and varied animal life.

Grenada economy depends on agriculture it export fruits and vegetables like cocoa, mace, coconut, tomatoes, sweet potatoes. they also worked on upgrading the fishing industry, and on secondary industries such as clothes, sugar, milling and more. The second most important factor for the economy of Grenada is tourism the island has some of the luxurious hotels and resorts.

Grenada has a lot of health centers and hospitals, the medical and dental treatment in government hospitals are free of charge. The secondary and primary Education in Grenada is free, and it has many universities in the west indie; one of the most popular universities is St.George’s University of medicine.

Grenada is a member of the commonwealth, the United Nations, the Organization of American State, the Caribbean Community and the organization of the eastern Caribbean state.

Grenada is one of the Caribbean countries that facilitate the citizenship by investment program, it’s the newest and the fastest in the world, it allows families and individuals to obtain a second citizenship in Grenada within 5 months in exchange for economic contribution, once granted you will enjoy travel free to 127 countries all around the world including EU countries, China, and Russia.

grenada citizenship by investment has two programs one of them is Economic investment program The National Transformation Fund with a cost of USD $150,000 and Real Estate Investment option with a cost of USD $350,000.


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