Express Entry Immigration System for Canada

The Canadian government introduced the express entry system in the year 2015, as a pathway for skilled workers in Canada and overseas to obtain the permanent residency of Canada, where they will be able to benefit from one of the best countries to live in across the world. 

The express entry system for Canada is an online system that ensures inviting the candidates who are most likely to succeed economically in Canada, and is used to facilitate and raise the efficiency of the process of managing permanent residency applications, as express entry applications are generally processed within 6 months or less. 

The Canadian government was previously processing application on the basis of “first come-first serve” selection system, where applicants were ranked for processing based on the date of application’s submission, and this system wasn’t considered responsive and efficient to the labor needs in the country, which is why the Express Entry system was introduced, and it has certainly brought many benefits to the Canadian economy, as we can see from the reduction in unemployment rates for new immigrants, the Canadian unemployment rate for working-aged immigrants is at its lowest points since the year since 2006, and as the Canadian economy is constantly thriving with immigrants contributions, the Canadian government has announced its intention to welcome 1 million immigrants over the course of the year 2019,2020,2021.

The processing methodology of this system is to have the applicants express their interest in coming to Canada as a skilled worker by creating an express entry profile and providing information about their skills, work experience, language ability, education and other details through an online tool and accordingly proceed to forward their profiles to a pool of other interested applicants who are ranked based on their score which they obtain by a pointing system and eligibility factors according to the pointing system in Canada for the program they’re applying for, this pointing system ensures that the most highly qualified candidates will score the highest based on their eligibility for Canada Express Entry systems, such as age, education and language level, and years of experience and any other factors which contribute to the economic success of the immigrant in Canada, the Canadian government will then invite the highest score candidates through invitation rounds based on their score and will process their applications for permanent residence in the country as per the express entry requirements.

There are several federal economic immigration programs that are aligned and managed by the express entry system, the Federal Skilled Workers program, the Federal Skilled Trades program, the Canadian Experience Class program, and the Provincial nomination programs where Canadian provinces and territories can recruit and invite candidates from the Express Entry pool to meet their labor market needs.

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