Cyprus Citizenship as a Path to the UK After Brexit

The United Kingdom has officially ended its EU membership on 31st January 2020. Since then, an increasing number of individuals are considering relocating to the UK with the Cypriot Citizenship, as Cypriot passport holders have the right to live, work, and to study in the UK and also apply for the British residency and Citizenship in five and six years, respectively. 

Cyprus has a strong relationship with the UK, reflecting the long historical ties of the two countries, as Cyprus was a British colony from 1925-1950. In 1960, Cyprus became an independent state, forming the Republic of Cyprus, and since then, Cyprus is having close links with the UK in the political, economic, and cultural fields. As citizens of a country which is a member of the Commonwealth, Cypriots have had full voting rights in the UK, and continue to enjoy voting rights in the UK after fulfilling residence requirements, they may also acquire several political rights under EU law, as EU citizens (e.g., right to vote and to stand in European Parliament elections in the UK)

The Optimal Choice is Cyprus Citizenship

Interestingly, Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program has been in existence since 2002. However, before 2013, the investors had to put forward an incredible amount of at least €10 million for a Cypriot passport!

Afterward, Cyprus has made some changes to the program and lowered the minimum amount of investment. The foreign nationals investors can invest EUR 2 million into the country and obtain full Cypriot Citizenship.

Under the terms of Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program, the investor may choose one of two options; the first option is to invest €2 million in the Cypriot real estate (held for five years) and make a donation of €150 000 (€75 000 to the Research Promotion Fund and €75 000 to the Land Development Corporation). The second option is to make a combined investment: €2.5 million into residential and commercial property, securities, and business, as well as €150,000 as a donation.

For further information, please visit cyprus permanent residency program page

If you wish to invest in Cyprus and enjoy living in and traveling freely to the UK and having access to 173 countries without a visa, you should consider obtaining the passport of Cyprus.

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