Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program in Canada

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program in Canada

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program in Canada was launched in collaboration with the Atlantic provincial governments (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador) in 2017. It aims to support the labor market needs in these provinces by assisting employers in finding the necessary workforce for positions that could not be filled locally in Canada.

This program is part of the Atlantic Growth Strategy in Canada, initiated in 2016, to create jobs, develop and enhance local communities, and foster entrepreneurial projects.

The program relies entirely on Canadian employers, as all applicants must obtain a job offer from an employer pre-approved by the Canadian government in these provinces.

Applicants under this program can be recent graduates from Canadian government universities in the Atlantic regions, or skilled workers meeting the required criteria and standards.

Categories of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program to Canada

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program in Canada consists of three categories, each with its specific requirements related to education level, nature and duration of work experience, and language proficiency. The details of each category are explained as follows:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program

This program allows foreign graduates who have obtained their degrees from publicly funded institutions in Canada to apply for permanent residence. Applicants for this program are not required to demonstrate any years of work experience.

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program

This program allows foreign nationals with at least one year of work experience in high-skilled occupations such as managerial, professional, or technical fields to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

Designed for applicants with experience in occupations that require secondary education or specific training, such as butchers and truck drivers.

After applicants are selected for the immigration program that suits them, they are required to obtain a job offer from a pre-approved employer by the government. They must also secure the province’s approval and endorsement of this offer by receiving a letter from the province confirming it.

After that, applicants apply to the Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration for permanent residence by submitting the required documents based on the program’s criteria and standards. Additionally, they must meet federal requirements related to health and security for themselves and eligible family members. The processing of applications is carried out by the designated office within 6 months, after which successful applicants are granted permanent residence in Canada.

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