Clifftop Zabuco + Mapou

Real Estate Details

Located on an elevated and completely private promontory, the Clifftop Residences are among the most sought-after properties on the resort. The exquisite 2-bedroom Clifftop Zabuco Residences offer a spacious balcony and private pool set to breathtaking views of the lush island and ocean beyond. Complete with a luxurious outdoor shower and effortless beach access, these residences also include a single-level 1-bedroom annexed Mapou guest cottage.

Immigration Benefits


Dominika’da Yatırım Yoluyla Vatandaşlık Programı birçok avantaj ve fayda sağlamaktadır. Bunların en önemlisi şunlardır :

  • Citizenship and passports for the main applicant and qualifying family members.
  • The Dominica passport offers a visa-free entry to more than 140 destinations worldwide.
  • No physical residence in Dominica is required.
  • Receipt of citizenship & passport within three to six months of application.
  • No requirement of language, education, or experience needed for applicants or their family members.
  • The program offers options for investors to diversify their assets in the form of real estate investments in one of the world’s most touristic countries.
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