UK (Tier-1) Investor Program

UK (Tier-1) Investor Program

Pasaportun Küresel Sıralaması


Vizeye İhtiyacınız Yok


Yatırım Değeri

2,000,000 pound

İşlemleri Tamamlama Süresi

2-3 Months

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Program Hakkında


A residency permit of 3 years and 4 months can be granted to High net-worth Individuals and their family members who are interested in relocating and investing in the United Kingdom through making an investment of the amount of GBP £2,000,000, In share or loan capital,under the Tier 1 (Investor) category of the Points Based System.


Benefits of the  program


UK Tier1 Investment offers an abundance of benefits to any potential investor, with the foremost of them being:

  1. Obtain a UK residency for yourself and eligible dependents (spouse and children below 18) with no English language requirement
  2. Fastest route to permanent residency in the UK when investment amount is increased
  3. Full work rights for you and your spouse or start your own business.
  4. Yıllık primlerle Birleşik Krallık sağlık sigortası sisteminden yararlanın.
  5. Passive investment, you can create your customized investment portfolio and receive a return on investment.
  6. Reside anywhere within the UK

Program için gerekenler :


  1. Prove availability and access of investment funds to either you, or your spouse 
  2. Investment funds are held for the last 2 years before submitting an application (or prove of source of funds if held less than 2 years)
  3. Investment amount should be disposable (transferrable) to the UK
  4. Invest at least GBP £2,000,000 in share or loan capital
  5. Open a bank account in a UK regulated bank 
  6. Adli sicil kaydının temiz olması.



Investment amount: You may choose one of three investment amounts as follows:

  1. GBP £2,000,000 grants you permanent residency after 5 years of residency
  2. GBP £5,000,000 grants you permanent residency  after 3 years of residency
  3. GBP £10,000,000 grants you permanent residency  after 2 years of residency

Vize başvuru ücretleri, sağlıkla ilgili belgeler ve ek idari masraflar gibi diğer masraflarla ilgili başka harçlar da söz konusudur.

Süreç ve adım adım yapılacak İşlemler 


  1. Prove access of the investment amount in a regulated financial institution
  2. Open an account in a UK regulated bank 
  3. Submit visa application of applicants.
  4. Receive the visa for landing in UK
  5. Relocate to the UK and start the investment portfolio
  6. Maintain investment and apply for extension after 2 years 
  7. Apply for permanent residency  

Bizim Hizmetlerimiz


  • Consultation on visa requirements and procedures.
  • Provide investment advice with annual returns under loan capital
  • Assistance in visa application submission 
  • Consulting on after landing procedures

Sıkça sorulan sorular

Investment of at least GBP £2,000,000 in an active and trading UK registered company by way of Share capital or loan capital.

Yes, you can create an entire investment portfolio based on your preferences

You can reside anywhere you desire within the UK

Yes, this visa allows you to apply for citizenship of the UK upon fulfilling the conditions of your visa, and the physical residency requirement of UK citizenship.

Yes, money can be held in any currency, and it should be equivalent to the minimum investment amount required when it is converted into sterling pounds

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