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About  Austria: 

  The Republic of Austria consists of nine states and is part of the European Union and its capital is Vienna. With an area of ​​83,879 km2, Austria is one of the smallest countries in the European Union, characterized by its mild climate and the alpine cold in the region. With a total population of 8.9 million, the official language is German. The country's official currency is the euro, and the country has an open economy, with a GDP of about 477.1 billion US dollars, making it the second largest economy in Europe, and both the service and industry sector play an important role in the country's domestic product. Austria is characterized by a variety of destinations, attractions, cultural and natural. Particularly famous for its Culture and beautiful mountains that attract tourists during winter and summer, and has 12 UNESCO sites & the total number of tourists who visit Austria is about 32 million annually.  

Austria Passport Ranking:

  Austria's passport is currently ranked fourth according to the Reach Immigration Passport Index, providing access to 188 destinations around the world and is considered one of the most desirable passports as it gives its holder the highest degree of mobility between various destinations.
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