Which Investment Migration Programs Are the Most Widely offered among firms globally?

In 2021, the database of the Residence and Citizenship by Investment Company Directory  “RCBI”  was analyzed and compared to 2019 to understand which investment migration programs are the most commonly offered among nearly more than 1000 firms globally.

According to the results, Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program has topped the list again this year, with 41% to date, St Kitts and Nevis citizenship program remain in second place with 47% among companies, while the US program has achieved a high percentage Occupying the third place, while the fourth-place was for the Dominica citizenship program. On the other hand, the Portugal program witnessed a remarkable rise, placing itself in fifth place.

Turkey’s citizenship by investment program saw the greatest relative improvement, While only 7% of firms in the database offered this program to their clients in 2019, 17% do so today. 

The results of analyzing this data are a strong and important indicator to give investors and those interested in obtaining citizenship an idea of the programs that are witnessing a clear increase in the number of applications and demand for them, To assist them in deciding the most appropriate program for them that achieves their goal of acquiring the nationality of the country they desire to enjoy the benefits and rights of indigenous citizens.

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