Turkey, cancelling visas of Arabs and exempting EU and Schengen states

As of March 2020, Nationals of Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom will be exempted from visa requirements as tourists to enter Turkey, as per the announcement of the foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey on February 20,2020 in efforts to increase the tourism potential and developing trades, economic and cultural relations.

Meanwhile, Turkey will no longer extend residence permits based on tourism for some Arab nationalities such as Jordanians among others, starting from January 1st 2020, who are now under pressure to leave the country within 10 days, although Turkey at some point made it very attractive to many Arabs to come and live in Turkey on a tourist visa easily renewed for one year each time, many of them relocated to Turkey with their families  and registered their children in Turkish schools.

Those who can stay in Turkey after this decision are students and investors, who have invested in Turkey to acquire the citizenship or permanent residency through the investment programs