The British Columbia program will return to work starting next July

on July 19th last year, the Canadian province of British Columbia announced that it would temporarily stop accepting applications in the Business Immigration Program, now, it has taken a decision to resume receiving applications again, and return to work in the program starting next July, and it was announced that there will be New updates to the program that will be revealed later, as Reach will study the changes that will occur in the program and its ability to present it to interested businessmen.

British Columbia Nomination Program is an investment immigration program designed to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world and encourage them to invest in the province with the aim of supporting its economic growth through the establishment of businesses. Permanent residence within two years, including Canadian citizenship. The program offers many benefits to any potential investor, including: the opportunity to immigrate to one of the most desirable destinations in the world with their spouses and dependent children, British Columbia enjoys a developed market with an ever-increasing GDP in addition to providing tax incentives for companies and families, and the province is distinguished With the best practical experiences that enjoy great economic strength, which will positively reflect on the prosperity of your business, the program will also help you secure the future of your family by providing an educational and health system of the first level, which will undoubtedly provide a brighter future for them. You can learn more about British Columbia by reading the article on the link here, and you can find out about the latest updates regarding the program as soon as it is announced on the Reach Immigration website here.

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