Saint Lucia celebrates its 44th Independence Day

Saint Lucia celebrates on the 22nd of February of each year its independence anniversary by holding a number of activities to celebrate the improvements and development achieved by the state in all economic and political aspects, perhaps the most prominent of these are the improvements related to nationality and passport program, which is witnessing a remarkable turnout by investors from various countries. In an explanation of the reasons that made St. Lucia a major destination for those seeking citizenship and a second passport, it enjoys a good international reputation due to its social, economic and political stability, and it offers desirable tax systems in addition to tax exemptions on income all over the world, and the passport Saint Lucia is currently ranked 32 according to Reach Immigration Index for passports classification, as it gives you the ability to travel to more than 145 destinations around the world, and it is mentioned that the citizenship by investment program for Saint Lucia is one of the most important programs in which Reach Immigration specializes in providing its services, It is a licensed and approved company for this program and provides advice to investors wishing to apply for it, as this program gives the right to obtain citizenship in exchange for the investors by investing either through a non-refundable contribution to economic diversification funds, or by investing in government bonds, or by purchasing a property in one of the best tourist resorts in St. Lucia, with amounts starting from $100,000, over a period of 3-6 months. If you have any questions about this program, you can view everything related to it by clicking on the link here.


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