Portugal’s Golden Visa: The top visa that everyone wants their hands on

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program was ranked as one of the best in the Global Residency Programs Index “GRPI”, according to a report on Investment Migration Programs for 2021, and this was reflected in a noticeable increase in the turnout for the Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Fund option compared to last year, as studies showed The number of main applicants approved under the fund’s investment option in 2021 has already exceeded the number of applicants for 2020, with a significant increase from 4.06% to 9.07% this year.

Compared to other European countries, Portugal has become a top destination that offers a lower cost of living with a high quality of life. Aside from Portugal having great property to invest in, its warm weather, beautiful beaches, diverse cultures, and unique food continue to attract many. The Golden Visa also offers families access to a safe environment, top healthcare, and educational institutes, as well as ease of traveling within Schengen-visa countries, all these benefits and more with a Real estate Investment starting from €350,000 Euro.

It is worth noting that there are only less than 3 months left to obtain your golden visa for Portugal in case you have a desire to invest in densely populated areas such as Lisbon and Porto. As of January 2022, according to the new law, investors will have to focus on real estate in less crowded places. If you decide to buy a residential property in Lisbon, Porto, or along the coast, you will not be able to apply for a Portugal Golden Visa. In addition, Under the new law, investment funds in mutual funds will be raised to 500,000 euros from 350,000 euros in order to qualify for a visa.

Portugal’s passport is currently ranked fifth according to Reach Immigration Passport Index, providing access to 188 destinations around the world, and is considered one of the most desirable passports as it gives its holder the highest degree of mobility between various destinations.

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