Portugal Golden Visa Statistics for 2022

Portugal offers investment opportunities through what is known as the Golden Visa Program, a program designed for individuals interested in living and investing in Portugal, where investors can buy a property or a group of properties in Portugal among other investment options available for an amount of at least 350,000 euros, in return, Investors can obtain Portuguese residency which eventually leads to citizenship when the minimum residency requirements are met within a time period of 12-18 months. Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has been ranked as one of the best in the Global Residency Programs Index “GRPI”, according to the Report on Investment Migration Programs 2021, and according to statistics from the Portuguese Nationality Services Agency, the Portuguese Citizenship Unit has approved the issuance of 80 golden visas. For applicants only in July of this year, these approvals were the result of investments totaling 44 million euros, which is double the value compared to the same month last year. The program has raised a total of 6.46 billion euros since it came into force in 2012, and from that year to the present day, Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has been successful, generating investments at a rate of 1.67 million euros per day for ten consecutive years.

Compared to other European countries, Portugal has become the first destination for its visitors with the high quality of life that it provides for them and the relatively lower cost of living. Apart from the fact that Portugal has great properties to invest in, it is characterized by its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and the mixture of diverse cultures and unique food that it witnesses. Famous for it, still attracts many to it every year, the Portugal Golden Visa program also provides families with living in a safe environment, enjoying the services of high-quality healthcare and educational institutions, as well as ease of travel within the Schengen countries, and the Portuguese passport is currently ranked fifth according to the Reach Index Immigration Passport Classification, giving you free access to 188 destinations around the world without a visa or visa on arrival. You can get more information about this program by visiting our website here.