New records set by Grenada’s citizenship program for 2022

Grenada’s citizenship-by-investment program saw a huge surge in applications that generated more than $33 million in revenue during the first quarter of the year, according to Ministry of Finance statistics this week, a 28% improvement over the same period last year. The citizenship unit in Grenada totaled 164 applications during the first quarter, of which 119 were approved, while more than 391 Grenada passports were delivered, and applicants for citizenship continue to prefer the real estate investment option over the financial contribution option, as 66% qualified of applicants through real estate investment, the highest percentage since 2015.

, Yatırım Yoluyla Grenada Vatandaşlık Programı is one of the programs offered by Reach Immigration, which allows investors and their families the opportunity to obtain a passport and the citizenship of the country. Grenada passport has become one of the most sought-after passports, ranking 36th with 144 destinations around the world according to the Reach Immigration Passport Classification Index, Grenada citizenship and passport holders can apply for the United States (E2) visa program, becoming one of the most popular programs for investors wishing to secure the future of their families by obtaining a second passport, and enjoying many of The most important benefits as the speed of procedures for obtaining citizenship and receiving a passport within a period ranging between 3-6 months from the date of submitting the application, and this program does not require any requirements related to the language, educational level or practical experience of any of the applicants, and there is no requirement for actual residence In Grenada, before or after the application procedure, the state allows the passing of citizenship to future generations. Reach Immigration is licensed and approved by the Government of Grenada to promote this program, and it has a team specialized in providing advice and answering inquiries from those wishing to apply for citizenship. If you want to know all the details regarding the program, visit our website here.

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