COVID 19 Immigration Procedures – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom,and the challenges it faced starting with the Brexit and economic emanation, and now the challenges of the Pandemic, which did not leave the UK out of the equation and had put all governments world wide under the test,through all the uncertainties, the Home office maintained their efforts to advice UK citizens and temporary residents during the CoronaVirus (COVID 19) who are currently inside or outside the United Kingdom. 

The advice consists but not limited to extending the validity of temporary visas till the end of May 2020 for those who cannot leave the United Kingdom due to travel restrictions or isolation, which gives holders of expired or almost expired visas the right to reside legally in the UK till the end of May 2020 which is expected to be reconsidered if the restrictions remain or the virus is not contained by then. 

One important measure announced is supporting entrepreneurs who have approved Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications, a route that was closed in March last year, of which they are no longer required to hire 2 employees for a consecutive 12 months as now they can be hired across different months. In the case the residence permit of the entrepreneur expires and the condition of hiring employees is not fulfilled, entrepreneurs will be allowed to extend their visas to have the chance to meet the requirements taking into consideration the economic situation and the disruption due to the COVID 19

Another important procedure that will remain in place till the end of this year is replacing the 30 day visa without any penalties for applicants who received their entry visa to the UK but were unable to travel to the UK to collect their Biometrics. 

All of the above and more, with continuous efforts to update and provide solutions for immigrants and citizens who are affected by travel restrictions associated with Coronavirus.

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